Can you fragment the IP Packet more than once?

Introduction I was sitting and doing my work and suddenly a question crossed my mind, “Can you fragment a IP packet more than once?” I don’t know what triggered it but it just came through. I thought and said to myself, Why not? All my fundamentals said, yes it should be able to do it … Read more

MPLS QoS tunneling: Diffserv over MPLS

MPLS has exp bits reserved for QoS usage. You can tunnel the DiffServ value of the IP packet through the MPLS network. That provides an advantage to service provider so that they can have different QoS policies than their customers. The IETF has defined three models to tunnel the DiffServ information. For describing these models … Read more

Understanding Native VLAN and Free Cisco Configuration

I. Introduction In modern networking environments, understanding the concept of Native VLAN and its configuration on Cisco switches is crucial for efficient network management and security. The Native VLAN plays a significant role in handling untagged traffic within a VLAN trunk, and proper configuration is essential to ensure smooth inter-VLAN communication. This blog post delves … Read more