How Does Cisco ACI Endpoint Learning Works: Data Center Efficiency and Security

1. Understanding Cisco ACI Endpoint Learning Cisco ACI Endpoint Learning is a pivotal process that revolutionizes modern network infrastructures by enabling dynamic discovery and adaptation to new devices and endpoints. This intelligent learning capability empowers the network to achieve unprecedented efficiency and responsiveness. 2. Importance of Endpoint Learning in Cisco ACI In the rapidly evolving … Read more

Classless behavior of Classful Routing protocol

Most of the books say that Classful routing protocol does not support classless subnets which is not 100% true, as they can send/receive some subnets even without its Mask. I am taking an example of RIPv1. This is a well-known fact that RIPv1 is a classful routing protocol hence MASK information does not travel with … Read more

Understanding Native VLAN and Free Cisco Configuration

I. Introduction In modern networking environments, understanding the concept of Native VLAN and its configuration on Cisco switches is crucial for efficient network management and security. The Native VLAN plays a significant role in handling untagged traffic within a VLAN trunk, and proper configuration is essential to ensure smooth inter-VLAN communication. This blog post delves … Read more

What is RAN Network: From 2G to 4G and Great 5G

i. Introduction In the dynamic world of telecommunications, the revolutionary impact of mobile phones has been nothing short of extraordinary. At the heart of this transformation lies the Radio Access Network (RAN), an indispensable element of the mobile backhaul infrastructure. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating journey of RAN networks, tracing their … Read more